cd_arte1The second episode of the Italian Van Lines Newsletter will introduce us into a “virtual moving art gallery”, in which we can find out what happens when an artwork is transferred from one location to another. We will do this by sharing the experience of Gianluca Giglio, CEO of “Traslochi CD Removals“, company headquartered in Rome, now member of the Network “Italian Van Lines” and working since more than thirty years in the removals and transport sector, known and accredited in National and International field, and which bears the CD Art Moving division, branch of the company specialized in the field of “Fine Art” and specifically in international exhibitions.

The CD Art Moving Division is the result of a natural evolution of the Capitoline company which for many years has been in charge of the transport of works of art and cultural assets. The steady growth of the projects related to art has therefore requested the formalization of a business unit which now responds with great satisfaction, and takes pride in the collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign institutions, in synergy with the Registrars, the Curators and directors of exhibition venues.


cd_traslochi_art1Analyzing a first basic aspect of art transport, the packaging, we see that during the phases of handling precious goods, often ancient and delicate, CD Art Moving generally uses customized wooden cases made in the laboratory and padded with Ethafoam, a material which protects and fix the work in the box.

The Fine Art is a business sector which requires training and specific practices. To meet this need, CD Art Moving provides comprehensive assistance to the ‘Exhibit Project’, from the conception of the event until the end, providing offices and laboratories dedicated and specialized professionals with different expertise. The division makes use of personnel operating in an internal carpentry equipped for the manufacture of packing tailored cases for the transport of paintings and works of art. The carpentry department can count on advanced technological tools such as Kinect, which performs the survey of three-dimensional works (such as sculptures), but also the measurement of paintings to the millimeter, showing height differences and even the curvature of the frames. All workers thus possess basic skills in handling art assets to locate inside the cases, strictly using gown and white gloves.
The office staff is also qualified to provide 360° assistance: from the insurance to the relationship with the Fine Arts and customs when necessary.


ivl_cd_removals_artwork_transportDifferent are the features of the vehicles used for the handling and transport of artworks: means must be equipped with air suspension and hydraulic tail-lift and must be padded and covered in order to maintain constant temperatures and humidity inside the compartment. Of crucial importance it is also the equipment with “VISIRUN-MORE CONTROL” system, a satellite device installed on the means owned by CD Art Moving, which allows 24 hour monitoring of vehicles carrying the work, stating its exact location, be it stopped or on the go, in Italy and abroad. We must not forget that transported objects are often invaluable, it is for this reason that in this type of operations CD Art Moving also makes use of an armed guard following from the beginning to the end the artwork transportation.

As mentioned at the beginning of this story, CD Art Moving has been committed with the transport of exhibitions of huge importance, such as: “Il Tesoro d’Italia” exhibition curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and Oscar Farinetti – Milan, EXPO2015 – “Zeffirelli, l’arte dello Spettacolo “- Villa D’este, Tivoli -” Michelangelo “- Capitoline Museums, Rome -” Da Guercino a Caravaggio “- Palazzo Barberini, Rome -” Lucio Amelio “- Madre Museum, Naples.


cd_traslochi_tesoro_italiaAnd it is the exhibition “Il Tesoro d’Italia” we want to tell you here, bringing back what narrated in details by CEO Gianluca Giglio. This was a particular challenge for the Roman company, as it had to quickly organize the transport of more than 180 works of art from all over Italy, coordinating the activities, curators and Fine Arts institutions. Some works had to travel alone (only one work each mean of transport, with two drivers and armed guard). The works were taken from Italy and transferred to the show in Milan, directly in the exhibition space. Some goods were also very complicated to transport and handle because of weight and size, for which the company often makes use of crane and suitable means for heavy freight. These were undoubtedly very challenging and difficult days, but seeing everything perfectly realized in the required timing was a great satisfaction for the whole company.

For the network of enterprises Italian Van Lines is therefore essential to be able to count on the experience, solidity and certified quality of a company like Traslochi CD Removals, specialized in such a delicate and valuable sector such as Fine Art. The involvement of the company headed by Gianluca Giglio within the IVL network merely confirms the added value it brings within a group formed by highly qualified professionals and recognized in the removals and international transport.