italian_van_lines_lamotta_paretidivisorie1Italian Van Lines is also specialized in the realization, reconfiguration and installation of mobile partitions walls units, a service dedicated in particular to the workstations transfer.
The player of this interesting business within our Network is the Emilian company “T.T.M. La Motta ” headquartered in Ferrara, managed by Maurizio la Motta. The entrepreneur will be this week the new spokesperson for the IVL Newsletter.

T.T.M. La Motta was founded in 2002 as a company specialized in the distribution and installation of office furniture, civil and industrial moves, and developed the expertise in the installation partitioned walls units (both in glass and laminate) and wall paneling with boiserie.
Since more than 15 years, the company offers a national and international service dedicated to the assembly and reconfiguration of offices, working on the project and on all the products on the market of any brand and type, and by integrating plaster works (plinths, ceilings , Etc.), raised floors, boiserie, furniture and office seating, furnishing accessories and more.
Our company operates also national and international transports, distinguishing itself for the utmost professionalism by using large vehicles and highly specialized personnel to handle the goods. Respect for deliveries at customers on time is our guiding principle with the aim of offering complete solutions for managing the entire logistics chain.


“T.T.M. La Motta” Staff
is composed by professionals of great experience in each of the areas where the company operates. In particular, the staff must be accurately acquainted with craft projects as it is able to work perfectly on the finish of aluminum profiles, on wood panels and even on the cutting of glass plates, all through the use of complex and adequate machines. It is always clear to the company’s operators that the goals to be achieved are the correct, timely and secure execution of works and the personal / collective customer satisfaction.


Relying on a company specialized in this field
, it does not only mean that it is fully assured that the final product is safe and controlled, but also that specialized operators are able to recommend the customer the perfect options for putting in place a project or remedy any third party errors in the most convenient and equally safe way.

The importance of this type of service consists in the possibility, for companies and individuals, to customize and optimize the interiors counting on high deployment flexibility, taking advantage of walls equipped with all the structural and technical facilities for power, favoring the operations of the workstation.


In addition to the installation in complete safety, “T.T.M. La Motta “dedicates with equal attention to periodic maintenance operations to preserve the state of the walls themselves. The safety measures include, above all, the strict control of the wall fixing materials, considering that the final product must be absolutely stable. On the construction site, however, maximum attention is paid to the safety of the staff employed in the project, which is duly informed and formed to ensure the right conditions for stability on the walls and to better manage the movement, handling and positioning of the elements. Maintenance work includes controls on doors and adjustments in all wall types.


Among the various particularly successful projects, the company could mention a significant number of works, but here we remember one in particular, quite recent, which laid out the 9,000m2 layering at the Diamond Tower in Milan divided into 28 floors , where the main issue was to reach the different floors with the provision of profiles and glass, but not to be underestimated is the great orchestration of the various assembly teams. The company goal was to deliver the project at the right time, considering that the arrival of supplies had to be subdivided into several working days.

For “T.T.M. La Motta” being part of Italian Van Lines means having set new challenges for the future: being in contact with Italian companies aiming for the collective development, in Maurizio’s opinion, is synonymous with personal and professional growth and, as well, having been “chosen” by IVL is surely source of great satisfaction.