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The variety of services offered by Italian Van Lines reflects the heterogeneity of the companies belonging to the Network, owning diversified specializations even in the single market of logistics. The IVL Newsletter has so far described the projects related to intermodal transport, national and international moving of furnishings, libraries and offices, works of art, analyzing even more specific aspects such as packaging, waste disposal and collection Of WEEE. In this chptaer, however, we want to enter into Material Handling, the moving of a special load with mechanical means.

That’s why we are back to interview Nicola Fiore – responsible for “F.lli Fiore Srl” of Fiore Logistica business unit – who already spoke us about intermodal transport and who will now be able to share with our readers new technical notions and stories on exciting projects executed by his company, which is recognized since more than 50 years for quality, reliability and professionalism, located in Italy with two strategic headquarters in Bari and Milan and operating in the national and international removals sector. In particular, in the ’90s, Fiore Logistica launched its projects in the field of groupage vector transport, specializing in intermodal and naval transport, warehousing and storage, handling and special introductions, exceptional transport, handling and transport of artwork, providing services to private individuals, public companies and large industrial realities.


Fiore Logistica can now rely on a specialized team of engineers, crane and lifting machine operators, carpenters, packers, drivers and cargo operators, as well as on an large headquarters, the one in Bari, with a covered area of 7,000 m2 and 40,000 m3 with a yard of more than 30,000 m2 equipped with covered deck for 700 m2 with hydraulic shutters to facilitate loading/unloading of goods, big forklifts loads for heavy load movements on the square, monitored 24 hours a day.

8_ivl_fiore_logistica_traslochi_movimentazioni_speciali_campusWhen Fiore Logistica is engaged in external material handling projects, it operates with cranes of varying size, size and outreach, and, if necessary, it is also supported by fixed equipments and pallet trucks, forklifts and unit load devices such as containers and swap bodies. The choice of the most suitable mean is carried out according to the type of work to be performed and the structural characteristics of the places where to operate, as well as the weight and size of the goods to be moved. Infrastructural environments are several: from private and state construction sites – urban and extra-urban – to the introduction of special machinery in buildings such as hospitals, schools, condominiums, which may require, for example, new medical equipment for magnetic resonance imaging, robots, large boilers, engines and turbines.


Coordinating the material handling is a very complex task that requires high levels of responsibility, as specific procedures must be respected and special security measures must be adopted, affecting the entire life cycle of the project, from load to transport, from handling to unload, until the final placement. When doing a handling it is good to refer to basic rules: engage only workers skilled in the sector, inspect all equipment and working areas in advance, check the load stability and make sure that it is possible to operate with good visibility, wear appropriate clothing (such as safety helmets, safety shoes, protective jackets and goggles, gloves, etc.), maintain safety distances and operate at low speeds, avoiding harsh and risky maneuvers. These are just some of the many things to consider in such projects.


With regard to the bureaucratic aspects, very important is the role played by the staff members of the structures for which the service is carried out, together with the local institutional representatives, supporting the operating company in obtaining permits and coordinating operations within the structures. Precious is also the help provided by law enforcement officers who often preside over the places and escort the means in case of needs along the transit routes.


A particular case history which Nicola Fiore wants to narrate herein, is the material handling carried out by Fiore Logistica for a prestigious international clinic in Bari (Italy), where it has been necessary to use the crane Grove GMK 6300 with lifting capacity of 300 tons, 120 m of ground clearance and 80 m outreach, supported by the use of fixed equipment for access to a very steep ramp, particularly angled and distant from the mean. There was the need to introduce and install a new machine for brain radio surgery, with about 20 tons of weight.

ivl_fiore_logistica_traslochi_autogru_movimentazioni_speciali_risonanza5The project, extremely delicate and with many risks, was divided in several stages: inspection, engineering study to determine the type of equipment and the number of human resources to be engaged, positioning the means, receiving the radioactive – but well isolated – magnet coming from Canada with combined sea and intermodal transport, with final vehicle escorted by the police; then there was the execution of the project itself with the introduction of the new equipment, its placement in the hospital with the help of a specific robot coming from Sweden, and finally the exit phase of the vehicles from the interested area.

It was a highly challenging project that employed a lot of professionals, bringing together craftsmen of diverse expertise and coming from many parts of Italy and Europe. For Fiore Logistica, it was definitely a great pleasure to have been able to accomplish such an enterprise, helping the hospital to improve the service for its patients.

Here we are at the end of this article by emphasizing how Italian Van Lines can count on its fleet companies such as Fiore Logistica, ensuring to customers a wide range of services, completing the core business of the Network.