Special Handlings

Among the several specializations of Italian Van Lines we can mention the transport and the handling of different kind of goods as the operating machineries, production machineries, artworks, medical equipment and industrial power conditioning equipment. The oversize load transport and the special handling take advantage of lowered semitrailers and cranes for unloading and positioning of goods.

Together with the business units Removals and Transports, Special Handlings makes Italian Van Lines the ideal partner for utilities and customers belonging to the markets of hospitality, medical, museums and furniture industry. The companies belonging to our Network are specialized in the introduction, dismantling and careful assembly of every kind of furnishings, completing the service with the removal of packing materials.

Handling and Transport of Artworks

Our logistic Network offers to customers the experience and the mastery of specialized operators for the handling and transport of artworks and precious items on national and international base.
By using the most appropriate special equipment, Italian Van Lines ensures the transferring of collections and assets of museums – among which embalmed animals, ancient weapons, vestments and sacred items, archaeological finds and more – as well the relocation and storage of sculptures, paintings, canvasses, mosaics and modern artworks.

All packaging material we use are previously tested and approved by Authorities and Insurance Companies. Each packaging typology can satisfy the requirements of diversified customers, fitting with the shapes of transported objects. We particularly use: soft and rigid packaging, plastic containers or waterproof cartonboard boxes, simple cases or double and fireproof boxes, air-conditioned containers and pallet-cage for three-dimensional artworks with locking sections.

Pet Transport

Moving is a moment of our life which often does not impact only on us, but also on our furry friends who live with us. To make this experience as less stressful as possible for them, preventing us from any worries , Italian Van Lines, taking care of its customers’ needs, decided to enroll in its Network also companies specialized in pet and animals relocation, transport and shipment.

Italian Van Lines ensures not only the transfer of animals on national and global base respecting comfort and safety standards, but also the completion of procedures required for this kind of service, such us registering or obtaining the documentation (passports, veterinarian certification for export and import permissions).


Italian Van Lines is aware of the importance of ensuring a high quality warehousing service, offering a secure, protected and healthy stock environment, respecting the timing for the delivery of goods.
Our warehouses offer you a total surface of 70.000 square meters dedicated to deposit, handling and sorting of goods in an comfortable, efficient , safe and secure environment. and thanks to modern security and fire prevention systems, intruder alarms and continuous guard and surveillance services, good are always safe and sound.

Our logistic Network is strong of a warehousing equipment composed by suitable machineries for handling and lifting of goods, spacious docks for unloading-uploading goods on pallets, overhead travelling cranes for machineries moving, swap bodies and containers for internal/external use to widen the storing volumes if needed. Furthermore, we offer the ideal environments for office documents archiving.

Library and Archive Relocation

Thanks to the experience our companies achieved since several decades in the field of relocations of libraries and historical archives of great cultural importance, Italian Van Lines owns the required logistic and organizational capacity for moving “ordered materials”, demonstrating to be the ideal partner able to produce the appropriate operational plans. We can ensure the maximum care step by step (upload, transport and re-positioning) during the transfer of documents and books, re-assembling the shelving units taking into consideration the new locations structures and the different needs of consultation.

Italian Van Lines Network has the equipment and the expertise to coordinate also the extra or complementary activities of transfer, such as dusting of bibliographical asset at several levels, disinfestations of volumes and documents and the removal of archiving material.

Document Management

Organizations, Utilities and Companies choosing outsourcing the document management increase more and more. The reason are several, among them the lack of human resources and internal areas suitable for archiving documents, the need to saving spaces occupied by paper and to protect sensible data. In order to satisfy this requirements, Italian Van Lines recommend its Document Management outsourcing service customized for every kind of infrastructure and archiving: current or historical one.

Our Network professionals operate following scheduled procedures, distinguishing several steps: from picking up and cataloguing of documents to the relocations of archives, from re-positioning the documentation on shelving to their further consultation, ensuring high quality standards for hygienic and dry environments covered by video surveillance.

Installation of Mobile Partitions Walls Units

Italian Van Lines is also specialized in the realization, reconfiguration and installation of mobile partitions walls units, a service dedicated in particular to the workstations transfer.

The importance of this type of service consists in the possibility, for companies and individuals, to customize and optimize the interiors counting on high deployment flexibility, taking advantage of walls equipped with all the structural and technical facilities for power, favoring the operations of the workstation.

Reliable in terms of safety, for complete fire shielding, thermal and acoustic shielding, the modular elements can be made both in plasterboard and mineral fiber, positioned as walls, raised floors and easy inspectionable false-ceiling. Periodic maintenance are also performed in addition to the laying operations in order to preserve the state of the walls.