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Before merging in Italian Van Lines, every single company of ours – operating in the market of removals and transports – shared the desire to build a great intermodal and international Network able to offer a widespread service, secure, sustainable and convenient for customers and for each Network member.

Today we are happy and proud for having realized our goals, operating with functional flexibility and offering to the joining companies the opportunity to optimize the costs sharing the rates: this is the first tangible advantage with which we can create value and benefits for customers, keeping high quality standards.

Our strength is our Network composed of first class Shippers, connected, communicating and united under the flag of Italian Van Lines.

Joining us you will operate sharing a logistic integrated system boasting a capacity of a vast fleet of vehicles, specialized equipment and containers, among them:

  • Diversified payload vehicles equipped with tailgate lift and TWIST-LOCK (anchoring swap-bodies and containers) for the intermodal transportation
  • Ladder Trucks for any kind of removal service, lifting to whatever height and custom made for difficult access
  • Maxi Van Couriers for Destination Service solutions
  • Containers and vast supply of special equipment for handling of cranes, liftcars, aerial platforms, ensuring an efficient and safe service
  • Swap Bodies for road/rail/sea transportations, ideal for heavy freights and oversize volume
  • Wood crates secure and versatile, suitable for light volumes removals
  • Standard Transpallet and Long Fork Pallet Trucks
  • “Pallets Way” for transportation on Euro Pallet or Long Pallet Standard
  • Warehouses with a total surface of 70.000 square meters dedicated to deposit, handling and sorting of goods in an comfortable, efficient , safe and secure environment
Diventa un Retista/Join the Network

Italian Van Lines strength is our reliable market positions and experience in the sector with an annual combined revenue of more than 8.000.000,00 Euros.
Feel Free to contact us and discover the benefits of being part of our Network. With Italian Van Lines you will work in synergy, sharing strategies and means to expand your business, optimizing your time and offering to your customers the best solution, safe and reliable.