Italian Van Lines

Italian Van Lines is a new Enterprises Network of movers operating in the domestic and international market. Our Intermodal Group was formed by the merger of several leading companies specialized in removals, logistics, traceable shipments, luggage, archive storage, groupage and warehousing services. Thanks to its proven experience in the global market and to its strong national presence, Italian Van Lines offers a full-service support to companies and organizations located worldwide.

With proven experience in the domestic and global market and a strong national presence, Italian Van Lines offers a full portfolio of services. Our companies are located at strategic junctures in Italy, “ideal highways” along the flow of goods and persons inside the European Area, reaching out to transoceanic destinations.

The integrated system of Italian Van Lines can offer you not only the expertise but a vast capacity consisting of a stock of 500 Vehicles with a wide variety of payloads and specializations including trucks equipped with tail lift and twist-lock systems, ladder trucks, special equipment for handling and lifting, swap bodies and containers.

Our Mission

Every removal is a mission to complete. Every shipment has a goal to reach. Every warehouse is a secure stronghold.
Italian Van Lines takes on every project with a passion. We are your perfect partners always offering affordability, expertise, efficiency, safety and sustainability. You can count on us for a complete service from initial consultancy to delivery. From household goods and office furnishings delivery to library relocations, from artworks transfer to oversize or special transports, we offer the best technology managed by high-level professionals in every service.
If you are ready to change, we are ready to be your first and last partner. Tell us your destination, ask for the service you need and let’s move together in unison.

Our Team